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AHA maps out deals, personalized location recommendations with new app

Brew Guru is AHA’s new app that connects beer fans with localized recommendations to show where users can get the cheapest products such as supplies for brewing and food and beverages from breweries. Members save money with exclusive deals and get information for better at-home brewing such as recipes and tips.

“Brew Guru allows those new to the AHA an opportunity to try out the benefits the American Homebrewers Association has to offer via a 15-day trial membership, with no strings attached and no credit card required to begin the trial membership,” said Gary Glass, director at American Homebrewers Association. “We are confident that trial members will find the benefits of membership so compelling that paying for a full membership will be an obvious choice.

“In addition, the app will make accessing member benefits even easier for existing members, thus allowing them to get even more out of their membership,” he said. “The end result being greater membership retention.”

Brewing mobile experiences
The AHA is hoping to get beer fans hooked on its new app, Brew Guru, with a 15-day free trial that allows users access to discounts, tips and nearby locations. After 15 days, users can sign up for a membership to receive continued access to benefits.

The app congregates a list and map of nearby participating locations in which members can receive deals for being an AHA member. Brew Guru will show locations with the best deals and closest to the user.

Brew Guru creates a virtual version of a membership card for users to show at locations to receive benefits. Users can get a wide range of benefits such as deals on home brewing products at nearby supply shops, receive discounted food and try out local beer.

The app also features a wide range of information to help home brewers make the best product. Users can search information such as recipes and questions-and-answers.

For instance, article such as Is My Beer Supposed to Taste Like This and Drought Systems on the Go are a few listed in the app.

Mobile deals
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“The experience is one of simplicity—filter a collection of articles to find a topic to your liking, use the map to find breweries and deals near you and return to your dashboard as home base to see the latest news and quick look at deals near you right now,” Mr. Glass said.