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Advance Auto Parts drives loyalty sign-ups with mobile game

The auto parts retailer is creating a following of loyal customers by prompting them to sign up for its Speed Perks rewards program through a mobile puzzle game that ranks players based on speed and accuracy. Along with the game, an Instagram account for the tour’s mascot, Tuxlee, has been created for fans to stay up-to-date on the tour as well as view pictures of the dressed-up pup.

“The Interactions team developed the custom game in order to build deeper digital connectivity with the Advance Auto Parts audience,” said Jen Rose, account executive at Interactions, the agency behind the campaign. “Once customers have played and tested their DIY knowledge, they can share their results with their friends through social channels online, it is the difference between telling people about your brand and letting them experience the benefits themselves.

“Overall, it is a fun way to expose people to the Advance Auto Parts experience and to continue to gain visibility for the Speed Perks rewards program,” she said.

Playing with consumers
The mobile game allows Advance Auto Parts significant insight to its consumers, as users have to enter their personal information to play. The opening page of the game features a checked box, for users to sign up for the Speed Perks program.

Users that do not wish to be a part of the rewards program can unselect the box and users who want to sign up do not need to do anything. The page gives the retailer a surge of new members, while increasing awareness of it and showcasing its benefits.

Players of the game must select one vehicle and then drag a list of parts to where they are located on the automobile. The game ranks speed and accuracy, and those with the best scores are featured at the top of the leader board.

Participants will be automatically entered to win a $50 gift card to Advance Auto Parts.

The TuxleeOnTour Instagram account features a small dog traveling on the Advance Auto Parts Mobile Tour as the mascot. The fun page showcases Tuxlee wearing various branded clothing and posing with fans at different stops along the way.

The Mobile Tour is the third annual tour from Advance Auto Parts, which features a branded RV traveling to different retail locations promoting the rewards program.

Mobile gaming
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“One of our big goals around the campaign is to strengthen customer loyalty for Advance Auto Parts, and one way to do that is by encouraging Speed Perks participation,” Ms. Rose said. “The program rewards DIY customers by providing them with discounts based on their purchases.

“Speed Perks gives us an opportunity to stay connected to customers and allows us to show our appreciation,” he said. “During the campaign, consumers will have several opportunities to join the 11 million members and counting who have already signed up.”