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87pc of tablet owners use devices for holiday shopping: study

According to a study from Zmags, 87 percent of tablet owners are predicted to use their mobile devices this holiday season to shop.

The report also found that consumers were spending substantially on tablets, with the average shopping amount equal to $325. The survey asked 1,500 online shoppers about their mobile behavior and included 238 tablet users.

“One of the most interesting things about the study was that the customer state of mind when they shop was positive and they were enthusiastic with a happy state of mind,” said Sean Ford, chief marketing officer and chief operating officer at Zmags, Boston.

Luxe shopping
According to the Zmags study, more consumers are purchasing higher-priced ticket items on mobile this holiday season.

For example, 38 percent of tablet owners buy clothes on their devices, and more than 50 percent browse the category.

Thirty-eight percent of mobile owners use their tablets to buy toys, showing the role that the devices play in holiday shopping.

The study also found that jewelry was a hot category for tablet shopping although no specific numbers were released about the category.

Almost one-third of tablet owners surveyed said they chose to shop on their devices because of its convenience.

Twenty-four percent of tablet owners said they liked to shop on their tablets because of its user experience.

Fifty-two percent of tablet shoppers see themselves as savvy-shoppers, and 14 percent of tablet shoppers describe their shopping habits as spontaneous.

Nine percent of tablet shoppers describe themselves as luxury spenders.

The study also found that gender makes a difference when shopping via tablet.

Fifty-two percent of men say they will spend $201 – $500 on items bought via tablet compared to 37 percent of women.

“Our reaction is that the tablet is a personal experience because they are so portable, and they are being brought into places that are less stressful,” Mr. Ford said. 

“Plus, the nature of the tablet when done well is a rich, interesting shopping experience for consumers,” he said.

Couch potato
The study is further proof that consumers are buying items while at home.

Fifty percent of shoppers say the couch is their favorite place to shop, and 20 percent of tablet owners surveyed said they buy items on their devices in bed.

Tablets also reigned supreme over smartphones for mobile commerce.

Forty-nine percent of this year’s tablet shoppers plan to shop more on their devices next year, while only 19 percent of smartphone users say they will use their smartphones to shop more next year.

The Zmags study is not the only one that supports the claim that consumers are using tablets to shop more.

For instance, a report from IBM found that the iPad accounted for the most mobile Cyber Monday sales (see story).

The tablet industry is expected to gain traction in 2012 with Amazon, Barnes and Noble and others pushing new products onto the market, and with studies similar to Zmags research, tablet commerce will continue to rise.

“Given the cart size and the number of people using tablets, I expect to see more companies optimizing the tablet as the primary vehicle for commerce in 2012,” Mr. Ford said.

Final Take
Zmags explains the platform and their product