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7-Eleven, Paramount Pictures offer trip to space via mobile promotion

The convenience store chain is expected to distribute about 21,000 prizes via the mobile promotion. The prizes consist of movie tickets, 10 zero-gravity trips and a grand prize trip to suborbital space.

“The strategy is to engage consumers with relevant promotions that drive interest and sales,” said Margaret Chabris, spokeswoman for 7-Eleven, Dallas.

“We create engaging promotions that often provide our customers with unique opportunities, like offering zero-gravity experiences and a space trip,” she said. “We usually add a mobile or digital component to each of our large promotions.

“With Super 8, we are appealing to consumers that are mobile and regularly use their smartphones not only to communicate but to enhance their fun and experiences.”

7-Eleven operates, franchises and licenses more than 8,400 7-Eleven stores in the United States.

Eight time’s a charm
The Paramount campaign includes prizes that are awarded based on the number of check-ins and are selected every time check-ins hit certain thresholds tied to the number eight.

Every 88th person wins a free movie ticket.

Every 88,888th person to check-in wins a ticket for Zero Gravity’s experience that lets users experience “weightlessness” without going to space.

Finally, the 888,888th check-in unlocks the grand prize that lets consumers see the Black Sky and the curvature of the Earth as they float in space.

“We are promoting 7-Eleven and the Super 8 movie,” Ms. Chabris said. “Our mobile promotion and prizing clearly ties into the movie’s theme of ‘what’s out there?’

“Our customers are very much on the go and use mobile to communicate and enhance their experiences,” she said. “Mobile provides a fun experience.

“This is not our first mobile push, but it is the largest mobile promotion we have done and the first time we have partnered with Foursquare – we plan for mobile to be a part of future promotions and our digital marketing strategy.”

Mobile participation
Consumers can participate in the promotion by checking into Foursquare as often as once every three hours at any single 7-Eleven store.

Addtionally, users can check-in at as many different stores as they like each day.

The tally of store check-ins on Foursquare will be regularly updated on Slurpee and 7-Eleven Facebook pages and Twitter.

“The quantity of prizes we are providing – close to 21,500 – and the low threshold to win something are unusual for promotions, in general,” Ms. Charbris said. “Certainly, having zero-gravity experiences and a space trip prize is unusual.

“Also different is that consumers check-in first and are then entered into the contest for the grand prize – the space trip,” she said. “But they also can instantly win by being one of every 88 check-ins who participate by registering at

“Communications and engagement continue to shift more and more to mobile devices. Many millions keep their mobile device with them 24/7.”