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3D Touch gains mcommerce momentum with Starbucks integration

3D Touch is shaping up to be the next big tool in mobile commerce now that Starbucks has launched an update using the peek and pop features for paying, ordering, reloading cards and store location.

IPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users will now be able to streamline their Starbucks experiences through its leverage of 3D Touch. The update allows the application to determine what users are looking to do by the pressure of their touch and alludes to a significant future in retail for the technology.

“The best thing you can do for any user experience is remove delays and friction,” said Steve Murphy, chief information officer at 3Cinteractive.”By being able to go straight to frequent actions from the home screen icon, they have removed several clicks and made it faster and easier for the customer.

“Look at what they have put on that 3d touch menu, pay, reload, order, nearby stores,” he said. “All four are related to transactions.”

3D touch innovation
Consumers will now be able to press the app icon with varying degrees of force to specify if they want to place an order, pay, reload their Starbucks payment card or find a nearby location. A popup will appear, allowing users to complete these actions without having to enter the app itself, making for significantly faster checkout.

Starbucks updated its app recently to feature the new 3D Touch option included with the iPhone products. The innovative technology brings a new experience for users engaging with apps, allowing them to indicate an action without having to enter the app.

The feature makes for a faster and more streamlined user-experience with marketers, but retailers have the option to further drive sales. The easier it is for consumers to make purchases, the more likely they will be to fulfill them, decreasing cart abandonment rates.

Apparel retailer Vineyard Vines also taped the cutting-edge mobile feature 3D Touch, a shoppable Instagram feed, geofencing and Touch ID to update its application and drive holiday sales (see more).

Starbucks strategy
The update follows a busy holiday season for the retailer that has connected with its customers by offering discounts and variety of helpful commerce experiences. For instance, users have been receiving in-app messages reminding them of specials and discounts such as Merry Mondays, an even in which loyalty members receive bonus stars and half off Frappuccino beverages after 2pm on Mondays.

For its second-annual Starbucks for Life campaign, the coffeehouse chain rewarded members via an online game encouraging repeat purchases throughout the month (see more).

“Linked to speed, [Starbucks] has focused on reducing the friction to getting your next purchase,” Mr. Murphy said. “By always leveraging the latest technology for the convenience of their customer, their reinforcing loyalty and their brand identity.”

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily