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More than 25p of US consumers would buy on mobile if secure: study

More than 25 percent of United States consumers would be more willing to make mobile payments if they trusted the device’s security, according to a study by MEF.

Additionally, the study found that 38 percent of respondents to the study said they had made mobile payments in the last six months via their carrier. The MEF Global Consumer Survey looked at mobile use in nine countries with 8,530 participants.

“The study is proof that there has been a strong push with mobile commerce and payments in the past five years,” said Marjorie DeHey Daleo, North American general manager for MEF, London.

The study was conducted by OnDevice Research for MEF.

Global reach
According to the study, consumer engagement has expanded globally.

 Ninety-one percent of British consumers surveyed said they had used their mobile device for commerce to either research or purchase an item.

“The study shows there is more potential in the U.S. because mobile commerce hasn’t been embraced like it has been in elsewhere in the world,” Ms. DeHey Daleo said.

Similarly, 79 percent of Brazil respondents said they had made mobile payments.

Only 38 percent of U.S. consumers said they had used mobile payments in the last six months.

The study cites security as the main reason consumers are hesitant to make mobile payments with 26 percent of U.S. participants responding that they do not trust their mobile device’s security.

The study found that 27 percent of respondents across all markets listed security as a reason to not purchase mobile items.

Additionally, 41 percent of U.S. consumers are embracing the mobile Web in some form.

Eleven percent of U.S participants used retailer mobile storefronts, and 9 percent used social media as points of purchase.

Future commerce
From the study, retailers, companies and consumers can all take away one key point, according to Ms. DeHey Daleo.

“The overall message from the study is to embrace mobile commerce, be involved and get involved in it,” Ms. DeHey Daleo said.

“It’s important for all aspects of a company to be involved, whether you’re a consumer, retailer or company,” she said.

The study also suggests that mobile payments will be the next big wave with mobile.

In the past few years, SMS has taken off in the U.S. and Ms. DeHey Daleo believes the same will happen with payments.

“We saw a massive growth spurt with SMS in Europe a few years ago, which led to an increase in payments, and I expect we will see the same in the U.S.,” Ms. DeHey Daleo said.