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20th Century Fox ties mobile ticketing to gaming and wearables

Film studio 20th Century Fox is putting consumers into the middle of the storyline of its recently released film, The Martian, through a mobile gaming app that integrates with mobile ticketing and reflects the growth of mcommerce for entertainment platforms.

The entertainment brand is looking to continue its rush of sales for the Martian and has released a mobile game available for smartwatches in conjunction with the film’s release. The well-executed game entices paid downloads through its engaging content, but also increases ticket sales of the film through its cohesive ticketing options.

“A mobile game can absolutely help promote a film,” said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis. “Games identified and released when a film is released can have a positive impact on the film and the social interactions that result in more film revenue.

“Keep in mind that current revenue of films is not only the box office, bur VOD, DVD and other revenue streams,” she said. “Depending on the interaction within the game and the demographic promoted, having a game connected to a film can give the brand of the film a much longer shelf life past the simple 2 plus hours of just the film.”

Fox’s Digital Entertainment and Little Labs are the developers behind the game.

Mobile gaming
The Martian: Bring Him Home game was released simultaneously with the film on mobile applications available for in iOS and Android devices including smartwatches for $2.99. Players act as the NASA correspondent who must fight to keep stranded astronaut Mark Watney alive while he fights for survival on Mars.

Fans can buy tickets to the film seamlessly within in the app in a tab on the homepage, a unique take on a mobile commerce app, which can effectively product higher sales.

The game sends users through a multitude of tasks, similar to a quiz format incorporating science as well as comedic and thrilling content into the comprehensive app. Players have to make choices to determine how to best keep Mark alive.

The game operates as a conversation between Mark and NASA, the character will ask for advice and the player must determine the best course of action. For instance, Mark will ask questions such as “uhh, I am going to die, the Hab has filled with hydrogen and is basically a giant bomb help me what should I do?”

The user must decide between venting the hydrogen or diffusing it, a decision which the main characters life depends on.

Corresponding apps for smartwatches are also available, which inserts users into the experience deeper, creating an immersive and engaging environment to continue sales for Fox.

Fox on Mobile
The studio also took a unique approach to marketing via mobile for the release of its remake of the classic film Poltergeist by terrifying unsuspecting social media users (see more).

Also, 20th Century Fox Animation has created a character-generator platform available through mobile to jumpstart excitement over the upcoming release of the new Peanuts Movie (see more).

“If the game is easy to interact with on a watch, it definitely makes sense to engage the consumers on the smart watch,” Ms. Troutman said. “Entertainment companies will work within multiple revenue streams to prop up the highest income streams possible.

“At this early stage, Gamification of entertainment content (including movies) will be tried and tested to reveal best practices going forward,” she said. “The initial early adopters of this type of integration may not bear high revenue returns, but their efforts by entertainment companies will gain knowledge on future endeavors.

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer