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NRF: Retail's Big Show

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The in-store experience is broken. It’s time to grow beyond narrowly focusing on the purchase and move towards providing customers with great experiences at every touchpoint. Basic bricks will no longer cut it. 

At iQmetrix, we’re powering a significant shift in retail – a shift that’s helping retailers redefine the in-store experience. Here’s how we’re doing it…

Blend Online + In-Store
With online competition and constantly evolving consumer behavior, we know the struggle is real when it comes to being a successful retailer. iQmetrix Endless Aisle is an interactive touchscreen that completes the in-store piece of the omnichannel puzzle by allowing you to consistently tell your brand story across all your channels. 

  • Optimize retail space to not only keep your store looking sleek and organized but to open it up to further experiential possibilities. Turn your store into a destination and strengthen your brand's community.
  • Offer more by virtually extending your shelf space to easily add new product lines or unique products without risk or increased costs. Endless Aisle and Dropship are the dynamic duo that will prevent you from missing out on a sale due to stock outs! 
  • Empower sales staff by keeping them current on detailed product info, increasing their opportunities to engage customers and ultimately, sell more. 
  • Be clear with your customers. Draw from information from your POS in regards to pricing and inventory to ensure consistent, real-time data.
  • We are operating system agnostic. Endless Aisle is built on iOS, Android and Windows allowing you to decide what works best for your customer and your environment.
  • A user experience you can’t live without. We've intentionally built Endless Aisle on Unity, a gamer interface, allowing us to be incredibly agile with features including 3D content and VR. 

We support any path to purchase. Whether it’s notifying a sales rep, sending a cart to your POS, facilitating self-checkout or providing the customer with a mobile takeaway, you can let your customers shop the way they want to.

Sell Better. Sell More. Sell Faster.
Our POS is the only tablet POS built on an omnichannel, open platform, so it plays nice with any e-commerce or other systems you are currently using. 

  • Simple and intuitive design: Intuitive design means less training and less transaction time, helping you streamline operations and busting long lines with speed and grace.
  • Built to please both sales staff and customers: Our POS empowers sales staff with important information including product detail, availability in multiple locations, and accurate pricing to help guide customers through their shopping journey. Being able to access information anywhere allows staff to sell anywhere and serve your customers better.
  • Intelligent Inventory: View real-time inventory from every location from anywhere in your store. Our centralized inventory allows you to unify all your inventory from multiple locations and multiple channels, providing clear visibility of your retail operations.
  • Fully integrated with our full product suite including iQmetrix Endless Aisle and Digital Signage, your inventory and pricing from your POS will be always in sync with other applications, reducing manual work to update multiple systems.

Deliver Omnichannel
Deploy new services seamlessly. Our commerce platform utilizes modular APIs to give you the flexibility you need. Choose exactly what fits your business needs and integrate your current systems (such as e-commerce or POS) and other business applications with ease.

Intelligent In-Store Data
iQmetrix is bringing large format data visualization dashboards to NRF this year to illustrate the potential impact of putting metrics out in the open in front of staff. The idea is to promote a better understanding of measures and management by metrics. The potential size of the displays lends itself to shared experiences, which leads to conversations, leading to understanding and insight.

Experience The Not-Too-Distant Future
iQmetrix is bringing two VR concepts to NRF 2017 to illustrate the potential of this new media in retail environments and demonstrate further possibilities for retailers to redefine retail. These experiences work as extensions of iQmetrix Endless Aisle and offer an opportunity to feature brands and products in a way that previously hasn’t been possible, neither on the retail floor, nor on computer screens, whether in-store or online. 

Who is iQmetrix?
We are a former retailer turned software company dedicated to enhancing the in-store experience. 20 years ago, we developed an industry-leading POS solution. Today, we have multiple interactive retail solutions including endless aisle, all built on a scalable, open API platform. We currently power over 18,000 locations across North America. See how

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