PipeCandy launches its 'Brand Insights Graph' API - a privacy-safe alternative to click-stream data and third-party cookie tracking

Posted Mar 23, 2020

PipeCandy, the company that tracks eCommerce and DTC brands has launched the 'Brand Insights Graph' API - the 'first of its kind' industry knowledge graph specifically built to capture the nuances of eCommerce and direct to consumer segments.

The creator of the 'Brand Insights Graph' tracks over half-a-million eCommerce companies and 'Direct to Consumer' brands in the US. Without any personally identifiable information (including cookies), PipeCandy publishes 60+ business metrics, consumer perception metrics and audience insights about the companies it tracks. The API is now available for ad networks, financial services firms, D2C brands, CPG companies, and retailers. A self-service web-based database is available for sales/marketing users.

Misuse of customer data is like the public smoking problem from the past.

In the span of the last two months, prominent companies that track click-stream data (clicks made by users on their browsers across websites) have abruptly gone out of business, exposing not just how vulnerable consumers are when it comes to privacy but also leaving enterprise customers high and dry. Some of the leading names that shut down recently include JumpShot, HitWise and Nacho Analytics.

It turns out while some of these companies have a double opt-in policy to track the user's clickstream, it is believed that not all data that is being tracked are above board. Sensitive medical records and pages that contain varying levels of sensitive data were aggregated by some of the clickstream data aggregators.

PipeCandy as an alternative to JumpShot, HitWise, and third-party cookie-based targeting:

PipeCandy is a privacy-safe alternative to Jumpshot, Hitwise and cookie-based targeting.

The newly launched 'Brand Insights Graph' is powered by PipeCandy's data about half-a-million online merchants. The API returns over 60 business attributes about these eCommerce companies and DTC brands. PipeCandy analyzes publicly readable text on their websites to classify the businesses based on their customer type (B2B, B2C), Channel model (Digital Native, Omnichannel), Brand Presence (Own brand vs. Multi-brand eCommerce), shipping model (Delivery method, Delivery time/conveniences, Pricing, etc.), web sales, order volume, and several such attributes.

Based on the knowledge base it aggregates about brands, PipeCandy builds a deep understanding of their consumers, their sensibilities and post-purchase perceptions.

PipeCandy does not track or store any personally identifiable information about the users/shoppers that use these eCommerce websites or DTC brands.

On-demand insights about consumer perception:

Along with the launch of its 'Brand Insights Graph' API, PipeCandy also announces the launch of its 'Consumer Perception and Sensibility Modeling' offering.

By analyzing millions of reviews about brands through online and proprietary channels owned by the brands, PipeCandy discovers aspects about that matter to the consumers when they buy a category of products. Large CPG companies and direct to consumer brands use PipeCandy's models to discover how they perform against their competitors on the aspects that matter to their consumers and to add new dimensions to their customer data based on the sensibilities PipeCandy discovers about their customers.

PipeCandy's API is used by prominent retailers, marketplaces, brands, investment firms, lending firms, and ad tech companies.

About PipeCandy:

PipeCandy is a 'brand insights graph' company that discovers and tracks eCommerce companies and 'Direct to consumer brands'. PipeCandy publishes 60+ business metrics and benchmarks consumer perceptions about the brands down to the level of aspects that contribute to the consumers' perceptions. PipeCandy is based in California and is invested by leading venture investors.