Turn off the news, eat an Empowered cookie!

Posted Mar 13, 2020

Craving some GOOD news this week? 

We get it, it’s hard to feel empowered lately—especially when it comes to your food choices. Healthy snacking should be easy and yummy, but all too often it either tastes like cardboard or is filled with junk!

Enter the Empowered Cookie: a guilt-free, plant-based snack for a brighter future. 

Consumers want to connect the food they eat to the world they live in. That's why we created The Empowered Cookie: to harness the power of food, to tell the stories of our times, and to address the problems that we face.

Now more than ever, we need to empower consumers to see their grocery cart as a vehicle for social & environmental change.

Because it’s possible.

Because it’s delicious.

And because it’s urgent.