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HR Manager

Full Time • Posted July 22

  • Organization: ResumeBros
  • Location: Florida, FL
  • Website: None
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Job Description


- work on recruiting the Company with personnel for the required specialties and qualifications, determining the current and prospective staffing requirements;

- staff recruitment, placement of vacancies, help writing a cover letter, conducting initial interviews, placement of personnel;

- control and preparation of documents for migration registration of foreign citizens;

- maintaining personnel records management in full;

- registration of admission, transfer, dismissal of employees in accordance with labor legislation;

- the formation, management of personnel files of the Company's employees;

- filling, storage, and accounting of labor records;

- preparation of proposals for staff development, training, and staff development, as well as in assessing the effectiveness of training;

- preparation and issuance of certificates on the current employment of employees;

- analysis of the state of labor discipline and the development of measures to improve the labor discipline;

- monitoring the implementation by the Company's employees of the internal labor regulations, keeping a timesheet of the company's employees, maintaining and monitoring the execution of the vacation schedule;

- development of incentives and penalties;

- bringing to the employees the instructions and orders of the head, the control of their execution;

- maintaining established reporting.


  • · Higher education;
  • · Experience in a similar position from 2 years;
  • · Knowledge of vesting;
  • · Knowledge of personnel records management.
  • • Higher education




- O Official registration

- Schedule 5/2

- Work on the territory of the employer.