Reports of the retail apocalypse are all around us. Every week, new headlines proclaim a highly distressed retail industry and another Chapter 11 casualty. But while the struggles are real, so are the opportunities.

According to new research from Deloitte, The Great Retail Bifurcation, retail isn't experiencing an apocalypse, but a renaissance. In this webinar, you'll learn how disruptions in consumer behavior, technology, competition, and economics have split consumer behavior and driven premier and price-based brands to success, but created weakness for balanced retailers.

In light of this bifurcation, learn why brands shouldn't over-focus on product and, instead, must build a bedrock on data and differentiate on experience, according to new research from Salesforce and Deloitte, Consumer Experience in the Retail Renaissance. Hear from industry experts Rob Garf and Kasey Lobaugh on the strategies and approaches that will win shoppers in today's challenging environment.