​When brands consider their most coveted customer, all eyes turn to Gen Z and their immense spending power. This appealing group represents a lucrative target, as they often have significant disposable income and are poised to make brand decisions that will influence their spending going forward.

​Unlike older generations, uptake of online shopping among Gen Z students is almost universal. 97% of college students shop online, an increase from 92% in 2018. With students’ lives so dramatically changed by the pandemic, their shopping habits have naturally been altered too. 35% are looking for incentives more often, while 33% are making fewer impulse purchases, taking more time to find the best product and price available.

But, this group is also known for its individuality, especially as their tastes and affinities change impulsively. What should brands know about Gen Z shopping and spending habits that can help them reach this elusive demographic in 2021? In this webinar, we'll explore:

  • Gen Z and some traits that marketers should heed
  • The dramatic shifts in shopping habits caused by COVID-19 and how brands can react
  • The value of student marketing, including incentives