The Essential and Complex Need for Multichannel Selling

Jan. 20, 2022  • Webinar 2pm ET

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​The pandemic underscored the risks of relying on just one sales avenue when it prompted restrictions on in-person shopping, dining, and even travel outside the home or neighborhood. This change in everyday life shifted how consumers shopped – online purchases skyrocketed, and many businesses had to quickly adjust by becoming multichannel sellers overnight. This pivot not only impacted sales tax obligations, but made the already difficult task of managing tax compliance feel even more daunting.

Watch retail tax expert Diana Dibello in this webinar to learn how to help your business navigate the myriad tax obligation considerations when selling through multiple channels. In this webinar, we cover:

  • How the acceleration of multichannel selling has affected retail businesses
  • Sales tax considerations to keep in mind when selling through the most common channels
  • How multichannel sales impact economic nexus
  • The five steps to proper sales tax compliance

If your business recently started selling through multiple channels or you just need a refresher on multichannel tax compliance, watch this webinar!