Retailers expect holiday returns. It’s how business works in January. What they don’t need are fraudulent chargebacks, now expected to top $20 billion industrywide in 2021. It’s a growing problem that threatens to put a big lump of coal in ecommerce sales stockings.

What can retailers do to thwart increasingly aggressive fraudsters? Erecting online barriers can turn off profitable, legitimate customers, driving them to competitors. Doing nothing means your website becomes the darling of dark web cheats everywhere. This webinar explores the narrow path between vigorous chargeback prevention tactics and disastrous exposure to runaway fraud. Leading industry experts discuss:

  • How to maintain a customer-friendly return policy that attracts sales without giving away the store
  • What strategies leading ecommerce merchants employ that can be replicated at scale for smaller retailers
  • How to spot suspicious chargeback activity and effectively manage chargeback disputes