Even in the best of times, the retail industry faces high turnover rates and hiring difficulties. Before the pandemic, 43 of 100 employees quit in their first 90 days on the job. But since early 2020, the pandemic has squeezed retailers even harder to hire and retain hourly and frontline workers. In addition to labor changes, retailers also have had to shift to new business models, such as home delivery and curbside pickup, and need skilled, motivated employees.

To be competitive, retailers need to understand employees’ needs and engage effectively with them. Improving the work experience for frontline workers is essential—from recruiting them to scheduling their shifts. In this webinar, learn how retailers are using mobile-friendly tech tools to: 

  • Prevent early quits and retain key employees
  • Survey workers to create programs that boost motivation and collaboration
  • Assess business scenarios and recalibrate
  • Speed up recruiting and onboarding