​Retailers invested large sums on personalization and supply chain in response to the unprecedented volatility of COVID-19. But fulfilling commerce in this omnichannel environment remains expensive and unprofitable for many retailers. Fraud, order picking, delivery, reverse logistics and problems with customers eat at customer margins. How can retailers use data and AI to make this more efficient?

Join retail and manufacturing veteran Rob Saker in this interactive webinar as he discusses how recent developments in data and AI are transforming how enterprises are reducing costs for omnichannel fulfillment, including:

  • How are retailers using data and AI to detect and prevent order fraud?
  • What analytic methods are retailers using to optimize order picking?
  • How are retailers improving reliability of inventory data to prevent out-of-stocks?
  • How can data and AI be used to improve the reverse logistics process?
  • How are retailers monitoring real-time fulfilment, delivery and customer service interactions to anticipate disruptions with customers?