3 Ways Modern Agreements Make You More Efficient During the Holiday Rush

Sept. 24, 2019  • Webinar 2 pm ET

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Winning in today’s fast-changing retail environment requires every department to operate at peak efficiency – especially during the busy holiday season. Whether it’s hiring the right people, sourcing the right products, or delivering a personalized customer experience, it’s crucial to get things right the first time. Modern agreements are central to this efficiency.

Join us in a new webinar to learn how to eliminate processing agreement bottlenecks and make your operations faster and easier just in time for the busy holiday season. You will learn more about:

  • Saving time and money executing agreements
  • Delivering a modern customer experience that drives tangible sales, especially during the holiday shopping season
  • Best practices for integrating agreement automation into systems you already use
  • How your peers have modernized contracting and the experience of a top user

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