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Jaguar Land Rover saves time with item-tracking integration

British automaker Jaguar Land Rover is saving consumers’ time with more than its vehicles’ performance.

The automaker has integrated a Tile Bluetooth tracking device into its cars, helping drivers ensure they have everything they need as they get into their cars. Beyond fitting into Jaguar Land Rover’s technological focus, the time-saving service will likely be welcomed by more forgetful drivers.

Lost but not forgotten
The Tile application will connect with Jaguar Land Rover’s InControl Touch infotainment system, alerting owners of forgotten items or helping them find lost ones. Citing a UK study that found more than 60 percent of consumers spend at least 15 minutes searching for items they need before they can hit the road, Tile’s integration with the vehicle’s InControl Apps aims to reclaim those precious minutes.

Tile tags, small Bluetooth trackers, are first attached to important items, which will then be tracked. Upon initiating the app on the vehicle’s screen, it will tell the driver which tagged items are not in the vehicle and direct them to their location. If the driver still needs help locating the items, a 90-decibel alarm can be sounded.

The Tile mobile application is compatible with Android and Apple devices. There is no limit on the number of items that can be tracked.

“We’re really excited to be partnering with Jaguar Land Rover,” said Mike Farley, CEO of Tile, in a statement. “We believe this integration will provide many benefits such as improved assurance and peace of mind about the whereabouts of essential items, helping drivers save time before they embark on journeys.

“Having increased the number of Tiles in circulation from 2 million to over 5 million in the last six months alone, we are confident of the extensive advantages this will bring to Jaguar Land Rover customers globally,” he added.

According to the automaker, it is the first in the sector to integrate Tile with its in-car infotainment system. It is available for all Jaguar Land Rover vehicles with InControl Apps enabled, but the new Land Rover Discovery Sport is the “hero vehicle” for the initiative, as it went on sale in the UK in the last week of April.

Additionally, the Discovery Sport’s infotainment touchscreen has increased to 10.2 inches with improved resolution, making it ideal for apps, including Tile.

For consumers who drive to work every morning or need to shuffle kids off to school or events and rehearsals amid a plethora of other errands, 15 minutes can be a long time. Helping to prevent that shows that Jaguar Land Rover cares about its driver on a level that extends further than providing a safe, fast or spacious vehicle.

In the name of convenience
Jaguar Land Rover is investing heavily in the Internet of Things, realizing that automakers that can provide a convenience that applies outside the vehicle will build a strong bond with consumers.

Last month, the automaker showed its customers what great service means with its new wearable technology offerings.

At the Wearable Technology Show 2016, which took place in London March 15-16, Jaguar Land Rover revealed its new Android Wear watch application, giving consumers an unprecedented level of control over their vehicles from afar. Wearable technology is still a fledgling sector, but helping to blaze a trail could give Jaguar Land Rover credibility with a tech-savvy crowd (see story).

Other automakers are extending conveniences to consumers in a manner that stays focused on mobility.

For example, German automaker BMW is extending its commitment to mobility with the new ReachNow brand.

ReachNow, launched in Seattle on April 12, is the American counterpart to the growing European “DriveNow” brand, offering on-demand mobility to metropolitan dwellers. Supplementing its traditional model with a move into the mobility sector will help BMW remain a major player in the automotive industry among a larger group of consumers (see story).