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PayPal’s Mobile Express Checkout is deployed in the company’s mobile sites. Adding the mobile service helps consumers check-out quicker.

“Our strategy is to develop sites that convert, and adding PayPal Mobile Express Checkout is another part of the process,” said Jared Horowitz, chief revenue officer of Branding Brand.

“The less page loads that are required to learn about a product or perform a task, the better–especially on mobile,” he said. “Branding Brand now has PayPal Mobile Express Checkout installed on three of our sites – last month, we also added it to”

Express checkout
According to Mr. Horowitz, in terms of a larger picture, the addition of PayPal’s Mobile Express Checkout to the and mobile sites shows the company’s committment to continuously testing, tweaking, and improving its work.

“It also reflects on Branding Brand’s unique ability to add unique features and functionality for mobile that improve conversion,” Mr. Horowitz said.

“For example, we were able to independently add PayPal’s Mobile Express Checkout on GNC’s mobile site, even though it didn’t exist on their main site,” he said.

Consumers can access the mobile sites by entering or on their mobile browsers.

Then, customers can browse the products they want to purchase and add them to their cart.

Upon checkout, customers who choose to use PayPal Mobile Express Checkout can log into their PayPal account, confirm payment details, and then view the order confirmation. 

“PayPal Mobile Express speeds up the purchasing process on mobile,” Mr. Horowitz said. “This means fewer page loads and less information to type – two huge factors when shopping from a phone.

“The process streamlines the purchasing process by eliminating the need to enter lengthy credit card or address information,” he said.

According to Mr. Horowitz, retailers are becoming increasingly educated on mobile.

“Having an ongoing relationship with our clients makes it easy to keep improving our sites and testing new ideas,” Mr. Horowitz said. “There is no fee to do this; it’s simply part of our commitment to continuously learning about mobile conversion.”