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Car dealership boosts social media engagement with mobile bar codes, SMS

Car dealership Frank Ancona Honda is adding SMS and QR codes to its social media efforts to enhance customer engagement.

Frank Ancona Honda currently has a mobile site and is active in social media. It will expand these efforts going forward with QR codes and SMS as the traffic to its sites via mobile continues to grow.

“We need to expand into mobile to support our growing customer demand on smartphones,” said Jason Heard, sales manager of Frank Ancona Honda, Olathe, KS.

“We are utilizing mobile sites right now and this is the next step to not only expanding our mobile presence, but also adding more engaging to our social media practices,” he said.

Marketing insight
Jennings Social Media Marketing is managing the dealership’s mobile marketing rollout.

Jennings Social Media Marketing has been working with Frank Ancona Honda for almost a year managing its social media.

The dealership is also working with KickANotch for mobile tracking.

QR codes and SMS will help Frank Ancona Honda engage with its customers via social media channels and mobile as part of its ongoing marketing activities around local events.

Mobile will also help the dealership track the effectiveness of its marketing.

“We are currently sponsoring several events in the local market and the QR codes will help us understand the impact of having our cars on display at these events,” Mr. Heard said.

“Additionally, we will be utilizing QR codes and SMS offers for monetization,” he said.

The SMS program will launch in early November at a 5K run that Frank Ancona Honda is sponsoring.

The first QR code will appear in November at the Great Mall in Olathe, KS.

Frank Ancona will send out regular offers each month via QR codes and SMS.

“We have a comprehensive strategy to incorporate mobile, social, print and other sponsorships,” Mr. Heard said.

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York