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Boosting customer loyalty is key to retail success: NRF exec

During the “Boosting Customer Loyalty through Interactive Promotions Management” session, the executive discussed how it used Maxxing’s technology tools to build its consumer database. According to the executive transforming the customer strategy is the key for the company.

“Printemps Haussmann is our flagship and it represents history,” said Pascale Couton, manager of marketing at Printemps Haussmann, Paris, France. “Innovation is Printemps’ DNA.

“We have 17 stores in France and our flagship brings in 50 percent of the revenue through 600 point-of-sale systems.”

5 pillars
According to Ms. Couton, to achieve its goals, the company built its strategy on five major pillars.

The first was being the best fashion luxury beauty offering of the city. Secondly, it was the unique shopping environment.

The company also wanted to have best in class organization, personal and unique long-term relationship with its customers and a strong and consistent FLB leadership image.

Printemps chose Maxxing for its supreme card program – a loyalty program that is dedicated to its best customers.

“We wanted to acknowledge them as privileged customers and reward them through transaction-based rewards based on purchases.,” Ms. Couton said.

“We had some challenges,” she said. “The tool we used to manage the previous program could not be further improved and did not support our quality requirements in terms of real-time processing – we needed a new solution with the same functionality. “

According to Ms. Couton, changing tools was not very easy and firstly, the company wanted to improve response time.

“We wanted to impact on existing hardware and software infrastructure,” Ms. Couton said. “We wanted to migrate from the existing system without losing any information.”

Economic context
According to Ludivine Lavalee, architect at Maxxing, Paris, France, the economic context is really tough.

“Consumer behavior is changing,” Ms. Lavalee said. “It’s more complicated to catch a customer and to keep him and to make him loyal to the retailer.

“Retailer have to rethink their models and stand out from the competition and innovate,” she said. “It’s not only to keep ongoing contact with the customers, but to learn more about them.

“It’s also more about improving redemption rates and reacting to competition.”

According to Ms. Lavalee, retailers need to implement new solutions and be more agile for the market to succeed.

“It’s about boosting customer loyalty through interactive promotions management,” Ms. Lavalee said. “You have to optimize generosity and promotion redemption conditions through improved control over your customers’ multichannel loyalty.

“It’s important to adapt marketing actions depending on buying behavior and attract new shoppers and turn them into loyal customers,” she said. “It’s all about improving that customer satisfaction.

“Customer affinity for traditional retail is waning and consumers have adopted new and preferred channel formats.”