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Bond, celebrities rally for preservation of letter writing

Stationery brand Bond has established a new platform to share “inspired thoughtfulness” with current and prospective users.

Bond’s upper tier service, Bond Black, is a mobile subscription application allowing users to prepare handwritten notes, in their own hand, right from the convenience of a smartphone (see story). As mobile technology has infiltrated daily life, the art of letter writing has suffered with many opting for an impersonal text message rather than a thoughtfully written note.

Inspired post
Bond has developed a microsite, titled “Inspiration,” to promote its services through the use of a few of its famous clients. By sponsoring the posts on social media, Bond will likely see a surge of interest from consumers who come across the promoted content in their news feeds.

As of press time, the Inspiration site includes testimony from actor Kevin Spacey and actress Allison Williams. This content was also repurposed as the aforementioned sponsored posts, seen on Facebook, for example.

The testimonies of Mr. Spacey and Ms. Williams are accompanied by a short video and text written in their own handwriting. This small detail stresses Bond’s commitment to handwritten notes, as handwriting is unique to a person and is much more personal than type.

bond app.kevin spacey inspiration
Kevin Spacey for Bond

To this effect, Ms. Williams’ comment reads, “Birthday notes last, birthday texts don’t.” Mr. Spacey furthers this ideology by saying that, “There are few things I treasure more than the letters I have from people like Jack Lemmon and Katherine Hepburn.”

In a video, Ms. Williams shares an anecdote about her father, news anchor Brian Williams, during her childhood. Since Mr. Williams did the nightly news during the week, they often did not have time to catch up until the weekends, but they would leave each other daily notes to keep the one another in the loop.

We’re excited to bring you Inspiration – our new platform for inspired thoughtfulness. For our first installment, we…

Posted by Bond on Wednesday, November 25, 2015