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Bath & Body Works bolsters sales via mobile site

The company rolled out the mobile site to stay on trend and keep up with the growing number of smartphone users. Branding Brand developed the mobile site for the company.

“The strategy is to provide the same rich aesthetic and functionality as the main Bath & Body Works Web site, in a mobile-optimized format,” said Jared Horowitz, chief revenue officer of Branding Brand.

“This site shows that mobile doesn’t have to be dumbed down or ugly, and will still provide rich functionality across a variety of phones,” he said.

Time to shop
Consumers can access the Bath & Body Works mobile site by entering on their mobile browser.

There, customers can access their account, find the nearest store and look for specific products via the search feature.

Additionally, consumers can shop new arrivals, products specifically for the body or home, by fragrance and items on sale.

When customers find the product they want, they can check the cost of it product, read reviews and add it to their bag to checkout.

“We always say that if you don’t have a mobile site, you are ignoring an audience that is already attempting to interact with you,” Mr. Horowitz said.

“If you are searchable on Google, you must have a mobile-optimized site,” he said. “For many of our clients, mobile now makes up a double-digit percentage of total online traffic.

Mobile orders
Via the mobile site, consumers can also view order tracking to stay on top of their purchases and sign up for email.

Additionally, users can like the company’s Facebook page and opt-in for mobile alerts.

“The beauty about going mobile is that the audience is already there,” Mr. Horowitz said. “People were already visiting [the company’s Web site] on their phones.

“Now, they are simply redirected to a mobile-optimized version that delivers a better experience,” he said.

“Launching a mobile site is like opening another door to your business – as soon as our clients go mobile, traffic, conversion and sales increase.

“It’s all about connecting consumers with brands, where and when they want. Branding Brand is about delivering a consistent experience, and this should occur across all channels, mobile included.”

Final Take
Rimma Kats is staff reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York