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With this application, users can manage and get a snapshot of their financial picture anytime. The application is the latest in a series of mobile offerings joining the iPhone application and’s messaging features.

“Our overall goal for the application was to acquire new users and support existing users,” said Atish Mehta, lead mobile engineer at Intuit Personal Finance Group, Mountain View, CA. is an online personal finance software service from Intuit, which has grown to track nearly $200 billion in transactions and $50 billion in assets. It also has identified more than $300 million in potential savings for its users.

Mobile money
Users can create a free account at or use their existing account to access the Android operating system.

Features that the application includes are OS search to find recent transactions, widgets to access a snapshot of overall cash flow and Android Live folders to get financial updates on the phone’s home screen without launching the application.

“We pretty much cater to anyone who has a smartphone,” Mr. Mehta said. “It’s very middle-class Americans in their 20s and 30s who are somewhat tech-savvy because they have smartphones.”

Users will also have access to the key features that let consumers see real-time account balances, check recent transactions; compare spending against monthly budgets and edit transaction details.

Here is a screen grab of the recent transactions section of the application:

“We’re doing marketing within our own user base such as email and we are attending the Google I/O conference which is dedicated to the android platform and promoting the applications,” Mr. Mehta said.

The Google I/O conference features 80 sessions, more than 3,000 developers showcasing their technologies with engineers building the next generation of Web and mobile applications.

“Finances are something that is very important to our users,” Mr. Mehta said. “The purpose of this service for instance, is if you are shopping and you want to buy a new shirt, you will want to check and see if it will fit into your budget.”

Here is a screen grab of the application’s balance feature:

The application provides password protection and if the phone is lost or stolen, users can immediately disable access from the Web site.

“The mobile device is turning into a very personal thing,” Mr. Mehta said. “It has social information, work and now it has our financial information.

“This is something very relevant and very personal to us. It will change the way we act with money and think about money,” he said.

The application is available for the Android OS versions 1.5, 1.6, 2.0 and 2.1.

“This is just our first release on the Android and we only have basic features right now,” Mr. Mehta said. “In the upcoming releases we will enable users to go deeper into their finances which is something we want our users to look forward to.”